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We offer a wide variety of tile services. If you have any additional questions about a particulaur service, or would like a free estimate, feel free to give us a call.


Whether you need new a look in your bathroom, kitchen, fireplace or anywhere else in your house, you can count on us.  For many years, we have installed tile in the most complex areas, working with the both residential clients, as well as commercial.


Many times with age, the grout around your tile can begin to crack, darken, or even missing in a place or two. We specialize in renewing even the worst of re-grout problems. No matter the thickness or condition, you can rely on us.



Many times tiles can crack, or damage for any reason. A piece may be chipped away, become detached, or accumulate mold.  We have the expertise to come up with an affordable solution to fix even the worst of tile damages.



Within time, tile and grout can accumulate “permanent” stains or discoloring. We have the best technology and the best cleaning solutions to make even the murkiest and stained tile, look as good as new.


Hot Point

We install tile in the areas of even the hottest area environments; such as saunas, fireplaces, ovens and anywhere else where tile could be under high temperatures. We use the best technology to protect tile from cracking losing form, or being detached.

Using a sealer is very important in the finishing parts of any tile job. Sealer covers grout and tile and protects it from dirt and liquid leaks that could stain, and change the color of the grout. Sealer also makes it much easier for you to clean and maintain your tile to insure it’s looking its best.

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